Coworking a Managed Space Benefits – Statistics

Office spaces for tech companies typically use 125-175 sq. ft. per person. International offices are even more efficient, using around 100 sq. ft per person.

As per Economic Times, a company can save as much as 30% on the operational cost alone by working from a coworking / Managed work space

As per Harward Business Review 83% of individuals working from coworking spaces feel less isolated and lonely than working from home

As per Smallbiz survey 82% of respondents have expanded their professional network by working at a coworking or a managed work space

According to GCUC’s survey, 84% of coworkers say working in a coworking or managed work space makes them more motivated.
Large companies accounted for 65% customers in branded Managed work spaces.

Author: Archana, The Magnitudes