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The Rise of the Managed Space Economy

Managed spaces help the growing startup; Business of small to midsized and the enterprise business where office management is completely taken care. The managed space phenomenon is happening around the world and in India it’s at a nascent stage helping the workforce of Generations XYZ. Managed Space is changing the landscape of employment fueled by new remote working technology and the rise of a new generation of managed space spaces.

Working in a managed space can be similar to a kind of working in a start-up environment but it is quite different from the uninspiring routine of the typical office cubicle.  Managed space is now the talk of the town, trending in Google.

As the employee strength grows, it is extremely difficult for the organization to keep them motivated all along. So the organizations are now demanding an alternative to the typical corporate structure with all facilities managed by the entity. This managed space community that we have built has been inspired by the many independent workers. This attracts a different kind of personalities who is more open to the excitement that comes with work.

Although there are tons of other ways to meet like-minded people and learn, Managed space provides an environment with people who you know, like and trust. This makes all the difference in the world.

Author: Anoop Sharma, The Magnitudes