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How to Choose a Coworking or Managed Space

There is no straight answer on how to choose or find a Managed space since it really depends on what’s most important to the organization. But branded Managed spaces ones are the trusted ones that will match style of work.  

Some of the factors that many organizations follow to choose are Amenities, Aesthetics Comforts, Security, Community Events, and Wellness Factors etc.

Cost is one of the important criteria, but it’s a long run game.  When considering costs compare the Managed office features and amenities are most important to organization and sort the necessities from the nice-to-haves.

Amenities will range from the basic aspects like free filtered water, tea and coffee to more upscale options which include Food Court, 24/7 Access, Mail & Package handling, Day Care, and Game Center etc….  Although the pricing will vary for what amenities you can expect and are ready to accept.

Not all co-working or managed spaces are created equal. There are now hundreds of co working office spaces globally and many more on the way.  One of the most creative is one called Kalyani Aura which is located in heart of Bangalore, Karnataka, India. Kalyani Aura provides all the amenities you are looking for which matches for growing startup; Business of small to midsized and the enterprise business. Kalyani Aura is a sea-faring adventure combining life, play, and work.

Author: Anoop Sharma, The Magnitudes