Coworking / Managed Spaces in India to Double by Year 2025

The culture of Managed spaces has become a fast trending concept in India. A decade ago, the Managed Space concept had not even entered India.  India has become one of the most progressive countries, rapidly competing with others when it comes to the field of coworking. The fact that many Indians want to be entrepreneurs could be a possible factor.

 As per some estimates, by the year 2025 about 15% of all the commercial spaces in India will turn into Managed Spaces. So the managed workspace industry is all set to boom. Moreover, the economic conditions of India are getting more balanced and enhanced due to these managed work spaces. 

Currently, a lot of small and large businesses are popping up and are looking forward to Managed office spaces. Technology is advancing by leaps and bounds with easy internet options and there is nothing permanent when it comes to office space. Most of the companies are trying to keep things more compact rather than having a leased huge space for decade long time periods. Companies look at acquiring aesthetic managed work spaces, suitable for their high-end client meetups. This increasing demand for the Managed Work Spaces in India is being matched by many space operators like Kalyani Aura, WeWork, Cowrks, Regus etc… This is another major reason for the number of managed spaces doubling by the year 2025, in India. 

In a nutshell, if India continues to grow consistently with respect to managed spaces, the sub continent will soon reach its full potential and reach the pinnacle of the global coworking and managed spaces market.

Author: Archana, The Magnitudes